Family FAQ

How do you decide which families to work with?

Because Westside Nanny is a small operation, I have to be selective about the families and positions I take on. My commitment to providing exceptional experiences for both clients AND nannies means that I place overall compatibility at the forefront of the selection process; this begins with determining whether Westside Nanny is the best agency fit for your family.  Simply put, I only work with families that I would have wanted to work for when I was a nanny. In return, I only work with nannies who I would want coming into my own home and care for my children! 


My services are the best match for families who:

 ... Are respectful, kind, communicative and warm

 ... Value the special role of a nanny and want her to feel like part of their family

 ... Want to hire the "RIGHT" candidate and not just the "RIGHT NOW" candidate

 ... Are prepared to move quickly when the right candidate comes along

 ... Are willing to offer a competitive market rate and guaranteed hours

When should I begin my nanny search & how long does it take?

I do my best work with approximately 4-6 weeks of lead time, but when recruiting for nanny shares, I advise planning for a 6-8 week search. With that said, great candidates come along every day and I make every effort to vet and match quality candidates as quickly as possible. I always do my very best to accommodate families with shorter timelines when I can! 

What makes Westside Nanny different from other agencies?

With a degree in Family Studies and having spent the better part of my life working as an educator and professional nanny and household manager, I have firsthand understanding of the nanny market and what makes for an ideal relationship between a family and a caregiver.  I put this knowledge and experience to work for my clients and employ a very personal, hands-on approach to matchmaking to ensure that my families and nannies find a fit that's just right for them.  


Because Westside Nanny is a small, local agency, I choose to work with only a handful clients at a time to be able to provide the most personal service possible. I do not have a fancy office headquarters or formal "office hours" because I believe in making the nanny search process as seamless for my clients as possible--and that means I work at your convenience through email, phone, and skype! This allows me to focus my resources on providing excellent client service at all times, all at a price that is considerably lower than most other full-service agencies.


What kind of background will candidates have?

I seek out candidates who have a minimum two years of childcare experience; many of these candidates also have a background in teaching, coaching, tutoring, mentorship, volunteer work, athletics, and/or the arts. Most candidates will have several years of experience in professional childcare or domestic assistance, and/or may have raised families of their own.  I'm always looking for nannies who have a true heart for children and families, and who are passionate about their work! Every successful Westside Nanny candidate completes a thorough screening process prior to becoming eligible for recommendation. Clients will review recommended profiles (which include information about their experience, rate, education, and more) prior to inviting them for a family interview.


How long will it take to find our nanny?

I take pride in being very selective in my search, and in seeking out only the best candidates for each position based on a family's specific needs. Finding a permanent nanny can take two days (it's happened!), two weeks, or two months depending on how many candidates you choose to interview and the specific requirements for your position. On average, my clients can expect to start receiving vetted candidate applications within 3 weeks of kicking off their search; most families receive 2-4 recommendations. Because candidates are thoroughly vetted prior to being recommended for any position, the hiring process can be fairly swift once you meet the right nanny! If you're in a bind and need more immediate coverage, I can recommend options for getting you connected with backup care that can help fill in the gaps while you continue your search.


How long will our nanny stay with our family?

At Westside Nanny most of my permanent placements are designed for an initial commitment of one year. That said, it is not uncommon for a nanny to stay with a family for many years if it's the right fit! A 'desired time commitment' will be included as part of your official offer to a candidate as well as in your written work agreement. 

What if the nanny we hire doesn't work out?

I stand by my commitment to finding the perfect fit for my families and my nannies--if within 60 days of hiring a nanny you decide you need to make a change, I will happily conduct a new good faith search for a replacement at no additional cost to you. New hires initiated outside of that 60 day guarantee window will be subject to a new deposit and a new placement fee, but will receive a return client discount of 20%.


Do you place other household staff?

Yes! Westside Nanny is more than 'just a nanny agency'--I do place other household professionals such as housekeepers, personal assistants, private chefs, estate professionals, and household managers. Just ask!



How much will this cost?

At Westside Nanny, families pay a non-refundable deposit of $500 to open their applicant search. This lets me know you're serious about your search and your commitment to finding a truly wonderful nanny! Once a search is opened, my clients have access to as many potential candidates as they want to review, for as long as they want, until a job offer is extended and accepted. At that point, your $500 deposit is applied toward your final placement fee. You can learn more about Westside Nanny's agency fee structure here.


​Representation is offered at no cost to nanny candidates.